New Teacher Debbie Russell – A Career in Fitness

My FLexercise journey started 18 months ago. My children had both grown up and left home, I had just given up full time Primary School teaching and I had piled on the pounds. I had become pretty unfit and had lost my sense of purpose. In addition, I was experiencing some loneliness, as my husband works away for long periods.

Time for a change

I decided it was time to make a change and started first with getting myself fit and healthy – in mind and in body. I’ve always enjoyed dance/fitness classes so I joined various classes and went along to my sister in law’s FLexercise class. She has been teaching FLexercise for 10 years and I loved the way the exercises really focused on how we should move our bodies correctly. I also loved the fact that the classes were so welcoming and had a real sense of community. After class we sat and had coffee and biscuits and chatted in the sunshine.IMG 4581

You’re never too old to learn

Last year I took the leap and began my training with FLexercise. We had regular video conferencing with our mentor, who was always on hand to help, we also had face to face practical days. The course work was manageable and the online training video resources were helpful in supporting the theory work.IMG 4485 The course was brilliant and the other trainee teachers I met were always there to talk to and support each other. It is like a family and we have all become good friends. Best of all, I was able to fit it in while working full time as a supply teacher and still have quality time with friends and family.

Launching my business

I opened my first class in September 2018 and I’m loving it so I’m just about to launch two more. Setting up a new business can be quite daunting at times but the FLexercise team is always there at the end of the phone, email or on our teacher’s Facebook page to help. I have even started my own Facebook business page. IMG 4472This is a great way to let people know about FLexercise and my classes. I can share exciting fitness news, promote upcoming classes and I’ve just started using Instagram to share my news. FLexercise has supported me greatly in this. One thing they do have is a great social media team who are always on hand to help. I have also gained a lot from looking at other teacher’s pages and ‘magpieing’ good ideas.

A  balanced life

These are exciting times for me. I am back in shape, happy, more confident and fulfilled with life again. It really feels like I have wound the clock back. For me, having a work/life balance is essential. I still supply teach in schools and I am loving the fact that I can do both and still have a quality home life.

I am very proud to represent FLexercise and help to bring people together in a fun, welcoming environment. It’s about keeping the body moving, for the rest of your life. Eventually, I intend to start even more classes and I’m looking forward to developing my practice with the FLexercise CPD courses as I go.

When I look at how far I’ve already come, I realise that there is no need to set any limits!

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If you’re looking for a flexible career that’s rewarding take a look at our new course dates. For more information email hello@fl-exercise.com