No bra day is something to be celebrated says Gail

No bra day is on 13th October. The lovely Gail has come out of retirement to give us her usual humorous take on why this is a day to celebrate…..or is it?

Hello dear reader. Have you missed me? Sorry not to have been posting for a while. Covid rather took its toll on me so I went off-grid. However, I’m feeling a bit more glued now and ready to face the world again. So when my lovely chums at FLexercise asked if  I would like to talk about no bra day I jumped at the chance. What better way for me to get back ‘in the swing’ as it were?

New style office wear?

Now, I don’t know about you, but Covid has allowed me to embrace loungewear in a big way. Working from home has meant that unless I have a zoom meeting, I can basically dress how I want. For some time, this has included going braless…or ditching the harness as I like to call it.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am fairly well upholstered in the northern territories, and wouldn’t normally inflict my unfettered boobs on anyone. However, living alone and being confined to barracks allows one a certain liberty, doesn’t it? Fudge hasn’t complained and I’ve been pretty comfy with the concept.

Until about 3 months ago when I started to realise the northern territories were migrating south. They hadn’t quite got to the equator but were slowly moving that way. Interestingly, my discovery coincided with the request to talk about no bra day. Clearly, I needed to do some research. Why were my boobs migrating? and, more importantly, would I be able to stop them travelling south?

What is no bra day for?

Before I go any further it is important to explain why no bra day on 13th October is so important. The day encourages us girls to ditch the hammock as a means of raising breast cancer awareness. Since both Meg and I have experience of the mammogram call back system, it is certainly something I want to promote.

What has Gail discovered?

no bra dayOh boy, there are so many myths out there. But basically sagging is due to age and gravity, although that probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone. At this point, I would like to introduce you to your Coopers Ligaments. These wonderful ligaments are under, around and through your breast tissue and maintain shape and structure. In other words, these ligaments keep your boobs perky and in the north. The menopause and subsequent loss of oestrogen affect the Coopers Ligaments and Bob’s your uncle, the boobs start migrating.

Can the droop be stopped?

no bra daySadly, unlike the Great Wildebeest Migration, the boobs never return from whence they came. It’s all downhill!! So, can I exercise to stop the inexorable slide? Technically no because your boobs are made of fat, not muscle, so all the press-ups and flies in the world won’t help. However, the good news is that these exercises are good for your pecs area by strengthening the local ligament including good old Coopers. This means the boobs will look a bit perkier.

So what can make the droop worse?

Pregnancy weight gain and hormones designed to loosen ligament for childbirth are big culprits which is why making sure you wear a well-fitting bra is important at all times. SMoking and having a poor diet also are contributory factors. And, did you know that not putting sunscreen on your boobs when sunbathing is an issue? Apparently UV light breaks down collagen, so if you are going topless then cover up!!

So why are you celebrating no bra day?

Well, as I said earlier, I have had my own brush with breast cancer and feel passionately that anything that can be done to raise awareness is a good thing. How will I celebrate no bra day? Conversely and obtusely I will celebrate by actually wearing a bra!!! I can’t bear the thought of letting down my Coopers ligaments any more. And, I’ve discovered, being braless plays havoc with my posture.

So, I will continue to wear my hammock but, I will also bang the drum for breast cancer awareness for all I’m worth. Because we are worth it.

Take care and stay safe.