Operation Party Dress 2018

It’s that time of year! The shops are just beginning to fill their shelves up with Christmas stock. The adverts are now running on the TV and today I saw the first Coca Cola advert, I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about.

In early January we have a wedding to go to, so I’m thinking what can I wear and can I double up and wear the same outfit to the wedding? December is usually the month that includes lots of festivities with food and drink in abundance. So I’ve sworn to myself that a mince pie will not pass my lips until Christmas, and I will not mindlessly eat in front of the TV on Saturday night.Adult Casual Couple 1040160 I’ve no excuse this year as my kids are grown up and have left home, so there are no advent calendar chocolates to steal. I intend to look good and feel good leading up to Christmas.

The truth is it does take some commitment to get fit before Christmas.

Firstly make a plan, write it down, have a goal, as a goal without a plan is just wishful thinking. You don’t need to work out for 90 mins a day, or suddenly start a full on new activity. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is a good place to start. How about taking a walk every day, build it up and then start walking a bit faster. Walking is a great way to build your cardiovascular system. Sitting down for too long is just not good for you so why not set a timer and get up and move around every 20 mins.

Our snacking habits tend to be unhealthy. So ditch the Rawpixel 734006 Unsplashbiscuit tin and make a smoothie instead. If you add some oats to your smoothie it will help you feel fuller for longer and then your less likely to snack.



Why don’t you challenge yourself to burn an extra 100 calories a day? Skipping for 10 minutes burns up to 135 calories. Take the stairs every time, even try taking two steps at a time, this will work wonder for your glutes. Lindsay Henwood 47743 UnsplashWhat could be better than going into the party season feeling your best and full of energy. There’s also the added benefit of not feeling quite so guilty about over indulging over the festive season.

Operation Party Dress

This year you’re in luck as we will be giving you some basic exercises that you can easily do at home. You’ll be able to start off slowly and build them up over the weeks leading up to Christmas. The idea is to stay consistent but we’ve kept it short so you can fit them into your days without disturbing your routine. Our first ‘Operation Party Dress’ video will be on our Facebook page on Friday 16th November. The idea is you start with video one, repeating that every day until the release of video two which you then add along with video one. You keep adding the videos until you have all eight. They are only one minute long and all eight should be done every day. Just remember to warm up first.

If you build healthy habits that you can maintain you’ll fall into 2019 and be motivated to stay in shape! So look out for our ‘Operation Party Dress’ videos over social media. IMG 4503