Progressive Classwork – What does this mean?

Here we are with our 6th ‘Principally Perfect’ blog and it’s all about progressive classwork.  So what does this mean?

Group exercise

During a normal face to face FLexercise class, we start the term with week one of our plan. Class participants are always pleased to see one another and can’t wait to get moving.

As fitness professionals, we have all been trained to plan our classes adding progressions to movements week on week. This might be to increase the intensity of a movement to increase your stamina. Or it might be to challenge our balance or our brains! And of course, there is strength work, using weights and resistance bands. In a nutshell, this means that each week or each session, we will actively add in or do something slightly more challenging than what we did in the previous week’s FLexercise class. We like to challenge you and keep you on your toes!

Progression onto Zoom

If you’ve ever attended one of our classes you’ll know that we cater and adapt to all ages and abilities. FLexercise classes are inclusive to all shapes sizes and ages. S,o no matter what your health goals are you’ll find the classes beneficial to you. Many of our teachers are teaching online, and they all have their own style.  But we all follow the 7 principles of the Bagot Stack System. If you’ve not tried one of our zoom classes just email hello@fl-exercise.com for the zoom list.  Perhaps start with a 45-minute class and then maybe progress to an hour. To increase your stamina and strength you could even do 2 or 3 classes a week! Whatever you decide to do start slowly. Begin with a gentle class, and as your fitness improves gradually increase your efforts and remember to celebrate your achievements.

Our trainers and teachers are super friendly and very caring, so why not get in touch today and start your progressive fitness journey with us.

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