Self Care Sunday – Looking After You

Do you take time to slow down and take care of yourself? Staying at home has been a stressful time for lots of us, next week some of us will be able to go out and socialise a little more, but for many, our lives continue indoors. Lot’s of us are beginning to stress about the festive season. Am I going to see the family? What about the turkey and the food shopping! It is still a very stressful time and although we are still at home taking care of yourself should be at the top of your list.

Slow Down

Sunday should really be a day of rest, so put your phone on airplane mode turn off the other devices and dedicate some of the day to you! How about taking time to wake up in the morning, maybe take a cuppa back to bed and don’t feel guilty about it. Tell the family you are off duty and you’re having a day to yourself, give them a bit of warning so they know not to bother you. Just remember you are allowed to take a day off now and again.

Treat yourself

Indulge yourself over breakfast, that might mean planning it the day before because you don’t want to be rushing to the local supermarket on a Sunday morning. Pancakes and maple syrup, avocado on toast, or even a full English breakfast. Whatever takes your fancy and again don’t feel guilty, you can balance out the calories later on in the week. Spend some time soaking in the bath. There isn’t much joy at the moment so fill the bath with your favourite product and relax! Epsom salts can help reduce stress and relax your muscles. For some real indulgence add a few drops of essential oil. Tell everyone not to disturb you and just soak up some time alone.

Self Care

There is absolutely nothing wrong with vegging out. If all you do is rush around all week then spend some time doing nothing! Sunday should be a day of rest and a little self-care. Snuggle up on the sofa, read your book, or even binge on Netflix. To be fair it’s actually impossible to do nothing, and you may not want to sit down and watch TV all day, but just give yourself a break and chill! Rather than focusing on what needs to be done give yourself permission to rest and recharge your batteries.

Spend some time doing something you enjoy. Ignore the to-do lists and take a day off and enjoy life as it’s really ok to take a break. It’s not like you’re going to do this every day. Freeing yourself from all the obligations and jobs can be quite hard to do and everyone’s version of relaxing and taking time off is different. You might want to bake, that’s ok too.

A day off is about doing the things you want to do and not doing the things you have to do. So have a little think about what your ‘Self Care Sunday’ looks like and book yourself in.