South Africa team looking to rock at Bath 2020

South Africa are really looking forward to being part of our Bath extravaganza on March 28th.

South Africa and FLexercise – the history

Prunella Stack, the daughter of our Founder Mary Bagot Stack went to South Africa in 1950 to marry again. Prunella opened a class for coloured students who were training to be nurses and teachers in Cape Town.  She wanted to establish the classes in the community which needed it most. One of Prunella’s greatest achievements was to win a victory over the colour bar of the time. She even managed to include two coloured girls in the team which travelled with her to London for the Coronation Display at the Royal Albert Hall in 1953. This was in spite of less than helpful officialdom making life challenging.

So what is the theme for the South Africa item?

Caroline Bisset explains the background to the South Africa item for the Bath show.

South Africa to rock the showOur item titled “South Africa dances through the decades” has been choreographed and co-ordinated by Caroline Bisset and Gida Sancho, who are both FL teachers from Cape Town.

The item is performed by both members and teachers from Cape Town and Johannesburg, many of which have been extremely helpful in the “behind the scenes” and creative process.

Our aim was to incorporate dance moves and styles relevant to each decade.  We also had lots of fun adding costumes to finish the look.

We begin in the 1950’s, because that is when the FL was introduced to South Africa. In the 1960’s, we embrace flower power and the tie-dye look.  We groove into the 1970’s with the classic Bee Gees Staying Alive.

The 1980’s see us paying homage to aerobics with leg warmers and headbands. And we hip swish into the 1990’s with the popular Latin America scene.

We end our item with the song, “Great Heart” by our very own South African musician and anthropologist Johnny Clegg who sadly passed away last year.

This is a tribute and thanks to him for the positive part he played in the apartheid era.  He and his music are an inspiration and united many people.


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