South West performing in force at Bath 2020

South West teachers and members will be performing 3 items at our Bath show on the 28th March 2020.

We thought you would like to hear a little about each of the teacher choreographers and what inspired them to create their pieces for the show.

Charlotte Bly from Somerset presents ‘Dance Together’

South West perform at Bath 2020The music for my item is ‘Better when I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor and it will be performed by 18 participants. I’ve been inspired by all the mothers and daughters who go to FLexercise class together. And, of course, teachers who inspire their daughters to train as teachers. I’ve been an FLexercise teacher for nearly 28 years. My Mother, Lucy Martin was a teacher and my daughter Aby qualified as an FLexercise teacher last year. Sadly, mum died a few years ago so we won’t be able to perform together as a mum, daughter and granddaughter combo.  But, I’m so very proud to be part of 3 generations of FLexercise teachers.

Kathy Kirk from Oxfordshire presents ‘Movement is Life’

South West perform at Bath 2020The music ‘I love my life’ by Robbie Williams  really says it all.  I’ve been teaching since 1984, and love to perform.
I’ve actually performed in every show FLexercise has been involved in since 1985.since 1985. These were mainly shows at the Royal Albert Hall which is a massive place to perform in. This is my third time performing in a theatre rather than ‘in the round’ and being on a stage is very different animal!!! At least we won’t lose our bearings, which often happens at the Royal Albert Hall!!!

Carolyn Kingdon from Devon presents ‘Circle of Friends’

South West perform at Bath 2020My item is a ribbon sequence which will hopefully provide a colourful end to the show. I love using apparatus as it really extends the movement and the body.  I’m sure we will make the piece look easy but believe me, ribbons are very hard work and you need a really strong core to use them well.
I have been teaching for 45 years, my teacher was Lucy Martin (Charlotte Bly’s mum)  and I was her first student!  Thankfully, I didn’t put her off and she later became the training manager for FLexercise.
We are performing to ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’  I wanted to highlight friendship because it is such an important part of our organisation – we literally make friends for life.
So there you have it. 3 very different teachers, but with a constant theme. Friendship. We really are flexible friendly fitness
If you would like to come and see the South West performing in the show click this link and scroll down to the FLexercise logo https://www.bathforum.co.uk/Groups/221252/Whats_On.aspx
If you would like to join our flexible friendly fitness movement you can find your local class at https://www.fl-exercise.com/find-a-class/