Spotlight on FLexercise Teacher Margaret Cutting

It’s taken 50 years to reach my dream job, and I absolutely love it! Would I change anything? I just wish I had trained sooner.

My introduction to FLexercise

Right from my birth, FLexercise has always been a part of my life. Mum was an avid member for almost 60 years, that’s when it was called ‘The Women’s League of Health and Beauty’. I remember Wednesday nights being sacrosanct. If my father was away Mum always made sure she had her night of exercise and we had a babysitter.1950s

I soon became a junior member and rejoined again at 16 until I till I got married at 20. How I envied the young, single, glamorous teacher and her freedom. My fiancé would have been ditched if I had been invited to train. Forty years on, single and in a new area, I saw the brand logo and an article in the local paper, so I decided to go along. The brand had been completely modernised but class ethics were still the same. It was so good to be back. Then one day we were asked ‘Would someone like to take over this class’? And I thought, could I fulfil my 20 year old self’s dream and teach? So I went for it! I attended the taster day in Norwich and to my amazement, I was accepted.  Life was put on hold for 6 months.

Back to learning

We had 6 Face to Face sessions in Norwich (I live in Sussex) and I attended Sarah Price’s local class.fl exercise, movement, dance, flexible During this time I gained valuable experience in class delivery and management. I tried to make on-line course work more difficult by doing background reading, looking for the trick questions that didn’t come. I learnt about Bluetooth, iTunes, Facebook and Zoom.  There was the selfie video to be mastered and sent on for scrutiny. Looking back, they are cringing. There were times I really didn’t want to stand there and tell the others what to do and wondered why I had taken this on. But the others encouraged me to keep going.

We passed our multiple choice question papers and were able to take our practical exam – 8 unknown ladies to teach and 2 experienced teachers examining us, somehow I passed! I was qualified to teach at L3, but my coursework was only L2. Did I want to do the L3 exam – no, but I did it anyway and passed.

Differentiated work and how it is delivered and received ensures that my life isn’t boring. The support class members give each other and me is fabulous. Sometimes in class we may go totally off at a tangent because I haven’t explained clearly, or I have forgotten what I wanted to teach. But we have always learnt something and laughed.

The opportunity

The last 3 years haven’t been plain sailing. I had a ready made class and continued my practice class. People have come and gone and one new class never took off. I have now completed CPD for teaching seated/supported classes. Retirement has given me the opportunity to add 4 daytime classes, and it won’t be long until I will have 7 in total.

I’ve made so many new friends at training weekends and class member days. My previous life skills are very useful particularly as I am also secretary to the League Teachers Association! Being in charge of my own life is wonderful.

Do it again?  Most definitely ‘Yes’.  I have found myself at long last!

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