Spotlight on FLexercise Wales

The Welsh FLexercise team are a lovely group of varied teachers. All of these women were once class members and went on to become teachers. It really doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise. Group exercise classes may be your answer to leading a healthier lifestyle or even the start of an exciting new career! Joining a FLexercise class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come.

Tracy Leleu Bradley

Jayne Nicholls

I started going to classes with my aunt at age 11, to what was then the Women’s League of Health and Beauty. At the age of 50 I trained to be a teacher. That was 4 and a half years ago, and it has changed my life.IMG 5600 I now run 3 FLexercise classes in Newport each week, as well as 7 chair based classes and an adult Tap dancing class. I get to meet fabulous people every day, as well as helping them to stay fit and active. What’s really great is I’m now a Tutor Trainer for FLexercise. It’s a great feeling to pass your knowledge on, helping others to change there lives and careers.

Chris O’Rourke

I’ve been teaching FLexercise for 46 years and my mother is my inspiration.IMG 5605 I joined the Swansea class with her as a very young 10 year old and I was immediately hooked. My training started when I was eighteen. At twenty I took over the Swansea centre and have been there ever since. I love music and dancing and the two go hand in hand in our Bagot Stack System of exercise. Being able to create movements to music is a joy and sharing it with our wonderful class members is a privilege.

Kim Davies

I joined a FLexercise class in Swansea in 1977 and was hooked from the word go. IMG 5613The movements and music is what made it enjoyable. Christine O’ Rourke, the teacher, was so inspirational and in 2009 when I started to think about my future of becoming my own boss, I didn’t hesitate to consider becoming a teacher myself. The tutors on the course completely inspired me. I feel incredibly lucky that they had such an influence on my decision to become a teacher. Lastly, if you’re looking at a new career take a look at the courses on offer.

Helen Morgan

Hi, I have been teaching FLexercise for 12 years. 57F36E97 10BD 4585 8EF0 AC4476BC6DADI loved the dance element – having never done any dance training, not even as a child, it was a first try at being graceful and coordinated. It’s very rewarding seeing the improvement of members posture and flexibility. Our technique makes you aware of your body and you end up enjoying moving in it. I’m 56 and feel fit enough to carry on for quite a few more years! Cymru am Byth!

Eleanor Dawes

Having been a class member for many years I loved the unique blend of exercise,IMG 5606 music, and creativity in movement as well as the friendliness. Seventeen years ago I decided to train as a teacher. It was a personal challenge and it gave me the skills to be equipped to share the benefits of FLexercise with others.

 Clare Tugwell

My mother took me to classes at the age of three. Once I got into my teens I loved being able to go to classes with her and my grandmother, IMG 5603FLexercise bridges the age gap. I have been teaching since 1995. What I love is the fun and friendship that my class members have with each other. Along with the benefits of getting fitter.


Chris Clemett

I’ve been a FLexercise teacher for the past twenty six years. IMG 5604I started going to classes with my mum and aunty, back then it was called The Women’s League of Health and Beauty. I loved it, dance and exercise to music what could be better! There are many rewards in teaching, the benefits of our system are evident in the flexibility of our members. Their friendliness and enthusiasm are infectious. FLexercise will classes will go from strength to strength as we encourage fitness for all.


Judith Wyer

I started out as a member and felt it was the best exercise class ever! IMG 5608In 2007 I qualified as a FLexercise teacher and I now run 2 classes a week. Our classes incorporate safe exercise for the whole body. One of the benefits I get is the enjoyment in giving something back to my community. Another benefit is the social side which my members love. We support one another and many of them have shared interests and have made life long friends. Best job ever! Why not have a look at our training courses and start a new rewarding career.