How to stay active when working from home

Working from home might be an ideal job for some people. Lunchtime can be whenever you choose, there’s no one looking over your shoulder and you can even wear your PJ’s! Often there’s nobody to communicate with so it can get a bit lonely. Coffee after coffee and a few biscuits here and there and before you know it your clothes are becoming a bit tight. So what can we do at home to keep our activity levels up?


Build in an active morning routine

Exercising in the morning is a great way to start the day. For me, it’s important I stick to an active morning routine, so it’s a quick cup of tea then I jump on my static bike. It clears my head, releases endorphins and kick starts my metabolism. If you haven’t got a bike you could go for a brisk walk, just 20 minutes around the block is all you need to improve the blood flow around the body.

You don’t need a gym to workout at home

Forget cross trainers, and multi gyms, look around you and use what’s at hand. Tea towels are great for overhead stretches. Cans of food can be used for resistant weights, broomsticks for balance work and abdominal rotations. If you’re sat at a desk try to include a 2 minute break every 20mins as our bodies were designed to move and not sit for too long.

If you want to invest in something a core stability ball is a good buy, there are lots of exercises you can do with it or just try sitting on it instead of your desk chair. It’s very easy when working from home to let the day run away with you, remember to schedule in some time for exercise. Make sure you have a desk and chair that positions your posture correctly.  Don’t forget to add some stretches in, and we’re talking whole body stretches.

Healthy snacks

Now be honest, are you a snacker? I used to be, and it became a habit! If you need a little bite on something make sure it’s healthy. We all need an energy boost to break up a tough day. However, try not to eat too much fruit as it’s high in sugar, one portion a day is enough.  Another thing to remember is water! Keep it on hand and you can make it more interesting by adding some fruit or cucumber and mint.

Almost everybody can add in 20 minutes at the beginning of the day, 15 minutes at lunchtime and another 15 at the end. You could also take a look at  Helen Long’s Strengthen and Stretch online classes on our home page. They are based on the FLexercise system and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Remember to take a break and keep moving!