Stretching hamstrings and painting toenails

‘Tis the season to paint the toenails’

Many of us will be polishing up our tootsies for the festive season. So, we thought it would be a good idea to make sure you are able to get to your feet to do whatever you need to do. This is an ideal time to think of stretching your hamstrings whilst making your feet beautiful.

As with all our other exercises, make sure you are warm first. There is nothing worse than pulling a muscle because you are cold when you attempt to stretch. Your hamstrings are really important muscles. They help you with walking, running and jumping and also help you bend your knees and stick your backside out https://www.fl-exercise.com/leg-strength-exercises-for-desk-based-workers/

The hamstrings sit over 2 joints – the hip and the knee so you should really look after them.

Lie on the floor with your head well supported and knees bent. Make sure your spine is in neutral and your weight is evenly placed through your hips.

Draw one knee in towards your chest and hold it there for a count of 10. Safety tip – hold underneath the knee and not on top. Replace the foot and repeat on the other side.

Repeat this a few more times until you feel your hips and hamstrings have started to loosen.

Roll yourself onto your side and sit up carefully.

Once you’re upright, practice a good sitting posture (you can have your knees bent if it helps). Make sure your back is straight and your tummy is pulled in. Once you’ve mastered that, then stretch one leg out in front of you, followed by the other.

Finally, with a lovely flat back, try flexing from the hip. The aim is to get your chest to move towards your thighs without putting pressure on your back. Don’t forget to breathe though. Hamstrings Stretch Today (FB)

It may take a little while to achieve this as tight hamstrings can’t be resolved quickly. But, with these simple exercises we hope you will find painting your toenails a little easier. Of course, the other alternative is just to bend your knee and bring the foot closer, but where’s the fun in that?

Happy painting !