Savvy Summer Skincare Tips

Why is Summer Skincare so important?

Holidays, barbeque parties, and festivals are just a few of the sun-soaked activities we are enjoying this summer. I’m sure you all know that UV damage is responsible for 90% of visible signs of ageing (wrinkles). So here’s some skincare advice to make sure you’re protecting your skin this summer.

Did you know that UV rays penetrate deep into the skin, even when the sun doesn’t feel particularly hot? Gabriel Brandt 117184 UnsplashThe skin’s cells are then at risk of becoming damaged and over continuous exposure, they can even become cancerous. Getting sunburnt is particularly dangerous as it causes the top layers of skin to release chemicals that make blood vessels swell. Skin turns red and feels hot and painful, and severe sunburn can lead to swelling and blisters.

After being sunburnt, the skin peels to get rid of damaged cells. Eventually, it will heal and look healthy, but permanent damage to the DNA of the skin cells may have been done. Some experts believe that just one episode of blistering sunburn before the age of 20 can double your chance of getting malignant melanoma.

How to be safe in the sun

Sun damage doesn’t just happen when you’re on holiday in the sun. It can happen when you’re not expecting it, for example when you go for a walk or sit in your garden. That is why it is important to cover up or use sunscreen protection.

The higher the SPF factor, the more it allows you to stay in the sun without burning. Kori Nori 597922 Unsplash However, it is important that you look for a ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen as this offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

So what is the difference

UVB rays cause sunburn and play a key role in developing skin cancer. A sunscreen’s SPF number refers mainly to the amount of UVB protection it provides.

  • UVA rays cause skin damage that leads to tanning.
  • As well as skin ageing and wrinkles.
  • The shortest wavelengths of UVA rays also contribute to sunburn.

In addition, there are some further tips, which will help protect your skin this summer and in the future. Sven Scheuermeier 45179 Unsplash

  • Spend time in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm.
  • Make sure you never burn.
  • Aim to cover up with a T-shirt, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Remember to take extra care with children.
  • Then use factor 30+ sunscreen.

Always take special care of children’s skin. The best way to do this is to cover them up and keep them in the shade.

Remember to be safe in the sun, always use sunscreen, it really does makes sense.