Why Teach FLexercise? Our Training Coordinator, Janice, gives her insight.

Janice Gronow brings all our new teachers on board and is the friendly face of Teacher Training here at FLexercise. We wanted to share with you why she loves to teach, what it’s all about for her and give you a better understanding of her role…

“There’s not many jobs in which you can say you still get the same buzz as you did from 30 years ago, and still get to have fun!

Teaching exercise, movement and dance was super scary for me at first. But, I did it and thus began my love for teaching group fitness exercise classes. I often ask myself the question, why am I still teaching and the simple answer is: it is the most rewarding and totally fulfilling job one can have.

There are so many reasons why I love to teach. For me, it is having total belief and confidence in the exercise system you are teaching. It is top of the list.

This is where the FLexercise System wins hands down. The benefits of the system allow me the flexibility and freedom to create my own work and to match the ability, experience and preferences of those who come to my class. So, I never grow bored of teaching!

I love of listening to music and nothing gives me greater pleasure than choosing a piece of music to help enhance the quality of movement. Watching your class perform challenging movements with ease, whilst maintaining good posture, is so satisfying to see. Whether it’s calming music to relax my class, A piece to allow them to get in touch with their inner person, or an upbeat tempo to get them back in the groove and invigorated. Music choice can totally change the dynamics of the class, often transporting everyone, including me, to another dimension!

One of the biggest advantages of teaching is that I am getting fit and feeling the benefits of the exercise system at the same time as my class. Although encouraging and challenging my class to do more is important, having fun and social interaction is what gives a class its character.

So for me, making a difference to people’s lives, whether it be through just having fun, making new friends or improving someone’s general wellbeing and fitness is key. In return, my members are the greatest advocates of the system. They endorsing me as a teacher and promote the benefits of our product by telling their friends.

So, if by now, you haven’t already gathered why I love teaching, here are a few other reasons…

> I help people reach their fitness goals by building a relationship.

> As a person I have grown in self-belief and confidence.

> I get to share my passion and knowledge with others by motivating and encouraging people outside of their comfort zone. Likewise, I get to challenge myself, by broadening and continually updating my learning, also taking me outside of my comfort zone.

> I get to make friends, together with being part of an amazing community of like-minded people.

> Finally, my success is knowing I don’t have to do this on my own, I have the support of a great organisation and network of teachers behind me.

Because of my love for teaching, the opportunity arose for me in return to give something back to the organisation; to promote and encourage people to train in the FLexercise method.

My role as Training Coordinator enables me to share my belief in inspiring others to take the next step in training.

Striking up a relationship to put trainee teachers at ease is vital. I like to find out what the trainees’ needs are and we then work together to manage them.  My role as a facilitator and co ordinator, makes the journey from course enrollment, training, to eventually qualifying as a teacher as smooth and easy as possible. This further extends to supporting and giving guidance throughout a teachers’ fitness career. Finally not forgetting the added bonus of joining and working with a friendly, diverse network of teachers.

What more can I say, to me, FLexercise is an exercise, movement and dance programme with a whole lot of heart.”

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an FLexercise teacher, get in touch with Janice and find out what your options are. She’d love to talk to you!

Call Janice on 0151 342 1765 or email her at hello@fl-exercise.com