The Benefits of FLexercise – A Teachers Viewpoint

What are the benefits of becoming an FLexercise teacher?

Ask a group of FLexercise teachers about the benefits of teaching their exercise system, and expect plenty of positive feedback! Blending exercise, dance and optimum posture, there isn’t anything quite like FLexercise. A tried and tested formula over many years, it continues to evolve, keeping fresh and innovative. For anyone who loves exercise, music and dance, it’s great fun to be in a class. It’s even better to be a teacher.

Are you looking for a new challenge?

In the UK, as elsewhere, the nature of employment is changing rapidly. More of us are looking at self-employment, I’m guessing if you’re reading this you might be looking for a new challenge? Rawpixel Com 561415 UnsplashWhy not have a look at our website and see what we have to offer. By offering a flexible approach to learning, and the beauty of being able to study at home, this makes it a very desirable course.

Our courses are both interesting and challenging. It’s especially fascinating learning about the mechanics of the human body. And then when you apply the knowledge and your practical skills, well, it’s just like a recipe. Combining music and movement with a specific aim, the stepping stones to building effective, beneficial classes begin to materialise.

Be your own boss

As a FLexercise teacher, you are your own boss, working hours that suit you. There are many potential benefits of being self-employed, such as Independence – Having the freedom to set your own hours and fit your work around other commitments often leads to an improved quality of life. With support through regional training days, CPD courses, and our social media groups, you won’t ever feel alone. We have a fantastic teacher’s website where you’ll find all the tools you need to set up your business. FLexercise is a hugely supportive organisation. Bruce Mars 554383 Unsplash

The health benefits of our exercise system are well documented and teaching FLexercise is an opportunity to share these advantages with others. Put simply, getting to grips with the choreography blocks out worries, and provides a precious bit of ‘me time’. Informative instruction educates, and with understanding comes personal improvement and progress. From a teacher’s point of view, it is wonderful to witness improved posture, coordination, flexibility and growing confidence. Even better, a class member may come up and say what a difference your class has made to their well-being.

Fun, fresh and sociable.

There are many potential benefits of being a part of FLexercise, it’s so much more than just fitness and fun. Almost every class becomes a social hub, where lasting friendships are made. It may start with coffee after class where other interests are shared. Priscilla Du Preez 234138 UnsplashIt can really lead anywhere – lunches out, book clubs, visits to galleries, trips to horticultural centres, even holidays! In other words, it’s great to be a part of the FLexercise Family! You can find out more on how to join our teachers by going to our website.

Finally, if you want to be a part of something that has credibility, allows you to be creative, not to mention has huge appeal then FLexercise could be the perfect career for you.