The Freedom to be Creative within FLexercise

As exercise professionals do we have the freedom to be creative? Today there are plenty of brands which give you set class plans and routines. So why do people not develop their own creative work? Maybe we don’t have time? Perhaps we don’t know how to plan our own content. Perhaps we just don’t have the confidence? Being creative isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. For some teachers, online pre-prepared class plans are the perfect solution. But, what if you wanted to step out of the box and be different or creative?

At FLexercise we as teachers have the freedom to be creative.

Pexels Photo 30.11.2017Our training system teaches students how to develop class plans whilst having the freedom to design their own content. First of all, we believe that creative ideas should be encouraged. At FLexercise we want class members coming back for more. Class members want to feel they have worked hard, built up a sweat and strengthened their core muscles. But most of all, they want variety and individualism, hence no two FLexercise teachers will teach in the same way.

We aren’t saying that structure isn’t important and certainly our class planning follows a format. However, the content is very individual and our class plans can change for a variety of reasons. It may depend on the mood of the class or the weather. New participants may require emergency adaptation of work which keeps us on our toes. Do we ever throw our class plan out of the window and just allow ourselves to improvise? Yes, we do. Because that is what feels right at the time.  We give ourselves permission to be creative in class.

What inspires us?


Creative dance can improve a child’s physical well-being.  Movement and dance can play an important role in developing the physical wellbeing and creativity of young people. So as adults what inspires us? It could be a piece of music that strikes that chord or a movement that inspires us to develop a moving piece. If you find that spark within you, soon you will be excited to get creative.

Training with FLexercise

Copy Of FL Exercise Greenwood 170407 104364FLexercise teachers are open to new ideas and learn from others. Our CPD courses help new and existing teachers with innovation and choreography. We come away feeling inspired. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in teaching methods and delivery which is why our courses are so helpful. By thinking outside the box you might find a unique idea that inspires you to deliver original and stimulating content.

Probably the part of FLexercise that can best appeal to the creative mind is being involved in our FLexercise shows. Every few years we like to celebrate and showcase our exercise system. These events give all of us the opportunity either to be a part of a dance team or even choreograph a routine. A dream for those of us who like to be creative or just want to be a part of something fantastic.


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Finally, we all need structure in our lives but sometimes we have to dance like no one is watching. Most of the world move to a rhythm, so kick off your shoes and be free.