The Positive Effects of Regular Exercise

We have heard it many times before that exercise is good for you. There is study after study that shows us the benefits of regular physical activity. If you don’t currently do any exercise or haven’t done any for a while, it needn’t take much effort to get started.

Doing some physical activity is better than doing none at all. Even doing a little more exercise than usual can help reduce your risk of certain long term health conditions. And it doesn’t have to be time consuming. By becoming more active throughout your day, you can quite easily achieve the recommended activity levels.

Regular exercise can improve your health

FLexecise teachers often receive lovely feedback from their members. It’s so rewarding to be told we’ve made someone feel better, and that could be mentally or physically. So we thought we would share a few words from three ladies who attend Christine’s class is Sunningdale.

Retired Health Visitor – Arlene

“I always feel so much better after doing a class and Christine is a wonderful teacher. She is patient when introducing new exercises and her choice of music is always very uplifting.”



At the age of 60 Amanda had a major stroke, she’s been making fantastic progress.

“FLexercise has really helped my recovery. I was in hospital for three months after my stroke and Christine’s classes have definitely helped my movement, flexibility and co-ordination. Everyone is so kind and supportive and there’s a great feeling of fun and friendship too! Do you know, when we stretch out on the floor I can nearly get both arms overhead now”


Michelle suffers from Fibromyalgia and has nasty flare-ups. So we asked her how FLexercise helps her condition.

“FLexercise helps to strengthen my muscles and keeps me moving. It also lifts my spirits because it is fun! I couldn’t wait to get back to class after the Easter break; my muscles needed to move again”



FLexercise Teacher Christine Underhill

I always look forward to teaching my wonderful members – they’ve been there for me through some very difficult and challenging times and I value their support and friendship as much as I hope they value mine! Being an FLexercise teacher is such an enormous part of my life – I’m so glad I made the decision to train when I did (11 years ago, at the age of 55) and only wish I’d discovered this amazing exercise system when I was a lot younger!

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