What fitness means to me – Julie Smith

Fitness to me means Heathers Wadebridge FLexercise class. Stepping through the door of Wadebridge Town Hall 14 years ago changed my body!

The FLexercise classes showed me how, with informative guidance, and a lot of fun, it is possible to remodel your shape, health and vitality. Using disciplined muscle and posture movements for everyday life, these exercise classes enhance all other exercise and diet regimes that a person may wish to follow. Heather’s knowledge and humourFL Exercise Greenwood 170407 104557 during classes are a weekly joy and even now I still find muscles I never knew I had!

Fitness can be fun

With ever challenging dance routines, inner core work and apparatus, time flies. Of course, you may wonder what can be done with hats, ribbons, balls and batons. A half hour of working out with hoops, for instance, is the subject of a terms choreography. This is where the exercise and coordination with the group gives way to hilarious fun when mistakes are made and chaos ensues!  None of us are perfect!

I didn’t know what to expect. FLexercise doesn’t do it justice. It’s a weekly, challenging expression of body and mind achieved in a friendly, relaxed environment.

A few years ago IIMG 0563 had two separate foot operations and after a period of recuperation for each, I found myself eager to return to the group, mainly to have fun and for the mental and physical coordination. The benefits of strengthened feet, legs, and even toes has returned my balance and energy to a comfortable and pleasing level of competency.

Your body is your vehicle for life

I can’t exchange the model but I can hone the working parts! I can keep it running well with regular exercise, nourishing food and drink and alternating periods of rest and exercise. My vehicle has aged; I respect that it needs more gentle handling, whilst a few uphill challenges and equally leisurely rest periods really work best for this model!

I don’t want the working parts to seize up – the ignition key needs to respond swiftly to get down on the floor to play with my Grandchildren (flexibility), reach out to stop them falling (balance), use the garden tools with many less aches and pains (core strength) and find positive outcomes during current times (achievement).

A car has a yearly MOT – costs a lot to repair faults and is frustrating when it is out of action. I prefer, and can better afford, a comfortable, familiar vehicle that reliably responds to the need for activity, than a sleek, highly charged, high maintenance model! FLexercise fitness classes really offer and deliver these weekly solutions.

Fueling yourself for fitness

Gently challenging weekly exercise provides focus and instruction on how best to achieve the correct movements without straining, tensing, and pulling muscles and in a way that leaves you feeling energised and happily uplifted. It is not competitive, and the knock on effect is that focus turns to choosing the right kinds of food and drink to sustain good performance (petrol is really expensive, after all!).  So at least my body is in better nick than if it had been neglected! And I can see our beautiful world through shiny windows as my vehicle travels through life!

Wednesday mornings are always high on my list, which I try not to miss, with the accomplishments of our hard work, disguised as fun! Thanks to Heather and all the friendly fitness people at Wadebridge FLexercise class.

If you’re looking for a fun, challanging but friendly class go to our find a class page on our website and pop in your posctode.