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Registered charity name:  The Women’s League of Health & Beauty (WLHB)

Charity registration number:  226127

Company registration number:  00487405

Principal office From February 2018: WLHB PO Box 6981 Basingstoke RG24 4GH

Registered office: Richard Place Dobson Chartered Accountants 1-7 Station Road Crawley RH10 1HT


• to promote health, physical fitness, education and training through the teaching of the Bagot
Stack/FLexercise system by means of promoting the holding classes, and delivery of lectures, events
and conferences for the benefit of the general public.

• to recruit and train teachers, trainers and assessors in the Bagot Stack/Flexercise system and
to grant certificates to such teachers as become duly qualified.

• to provide professional development training and courses for teachers and trainers
and assessors of the Bagot Stack/Flexercise system.

Founder: Mary Bagot Stack

Patron:  Sophie Ellis-Bextor

President:  Saba Douglas-Hamilton

Vice Presidents:  Margaret Peggie OBE, Rosemary Barber, Helen (Pikkie) Smith

BOARD OF TRUSTEES (as of November 2019)

Chair: Innes Milne

Vice Chair: Sally Floyd

Trustees: Heather Jordan, Christine Underhill,  Dan Robinson, Robert Jones

Clerk to the Trustees & Company Secretary: Karen Monaghan


Governing document:

Founded in 1930 by Mary Bagot Stack, WLHB is incorporated as a charity, limited by Guarantee
and is governed by its Articles of Association approved 12 March 2011. Under the Companies Act 2006
the League is permitted to omit the word ‘Limited’ from its title. All paid up Fitness League
(and from September 2017 FLexercise) members and teachers automatically have voting rights within
the Association. A portion of their membership fee is passed to the charity. Those who are not
members or active teachers and wish to support the charity may do so by becoming a Friend of WLHB
for a fee paid direct to the charity.

Appointment of Trustees

As set out in the Articles of Association, the Trustees are appointed by the members
of the Association at annual general meetings. Trustees must retire at annual general meetings at
least once every three years. At the end of the third term of their office, they shall
automatically step down and may not be reappointed until the expiry of 12 months after the end of
their third term of office. The Trustees meet at regular intervals throughout the year. There are
several sub-groups, including events and finance.

Risk Management

The Trustees have examined the major strategic, business and operational risks that the charity
faces and confirm that systems have been established to enable reports to be produced
so that the necessary steps can be taken to lessen the risks. A key element in the management of
financial risk is the setting of a reserves policy and its regular review by the trustees.


Trustee minutes:

21.9.18 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/Trustees-Minutes-21-9-18.pdf

24.11.18 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/Trustees-Minutes-24-11-18-1.pdf 

11.01.19 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/190111-WLHB-Trustees-Meeting-Minutes.pdf

05.04.19 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/190405-WLHB-Trustee-Meeting-Minutes.pdf

03.05.19 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/190503-WLHB-Trustee-Meeting-Minutes.pdf

02.11.19  https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/MINUTES-OF-MEETING-OF-69th-ANNUAL-GENERAL-MEETING-OF-THE-MEMBERS-OF-WOMEN-v2.pdf

Annual report and accounts 2018-19 https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/WLHB-Annual-Report-and-Accounts-2018-19.pdf



Notice is hereby given that the 69th Annual General Meeting of the Women’s League of Health and Beauty will be held at 2.00pm on Saturday 2 November 2019, at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EP, UK

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