Success in the Fitness Industry – Spotlight on Charlotte Bly

Success for some can mean money, freedom of time, daily happiness or just a sense of purpose. Charlotte Bly has a successful business teaching fitness classes in and around Taunton. So we asked Charlotte what success meant to her.

It’s a career, not a hobby

My journey with the fitness industry started at an early age. I was just 16 when I trained with FLexercise and at the age of 18, I opened my first class. I’m now 43 and I’m still loving it, I wouldn’t change my job for the world. Dance and fitness have always been a passion for me but I had a great mentor, my mother. She had been involved with FLexercise most of her life. She was a well-respected teacher and tutor, so I guess I was lucky but you’ve got to love what you do to make it a success. IMG 1910 (2)

I haven’t always stayed in one area. Due to family circumstances, I’ve moved around the country so I’ve had to set up classes from scratch each time. Most of my classes are in based in Taunton which is where I have been settled for some time now. Every class and member I teach are really important to me. I understand the needs of my members; what they like and don’t like.

What success means to me

I found being confident in myself created a confidence and trust in the relationship that developed between me and my class members. Confidence is something that grows over time and going along to FLexercise CPD courses really helped me develop personally. I keep up with current trends in the industry, it’s really a career of learning and developing and you can take it as far as you want to. FLexercise is one of the founder partners of EMDUK, the UK’s national governing body for group exercise.IMG 1919 (Edited)

Success to me is having freedom of time and being around for my children. I’ve created a career around my family, and as a single mum time is important to me. Money is important too and I actually earn a lot more as a fitness teacher than I did in my previous job as a pharmaceutical dispenser. Treat it like a business and you can earn a healthy wage from it. If you want a flexible, rewarding career with the support of a nationally accredited organisation, then FLexercise could be for you. They will give you all the skills you need to have a successful career. Blackboard Board Chalk 21696

A career with a support network

Becoming a confident and profitable FLexercise teacher takes time.  It’s one thing to qualify and be let loose on the public, but it’s another thing to be confident and effective every single day. We’re very lucky as FLexercise is like a family and the support system is out there if you need it.

There are thousands of people who are passionate about health and fitness and considering a career change. If you don’t know where to start then why not get in touch with us.